When comparing bids for refinishing, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. There are lots of shortcuts that a refinisher can take that lowers the bid, but lessens the quality of your job.

Dustless Sanders are a MUST

1. Ditch the Dust
The worst part about refinishing floors is the dust. Make sure to hire someone who has a dustless sanding system.

2. Prep, Prep, Prep
Thorough prep work makes a huge difference especially when it comes to clean up afterwards. All the areas not being refinished should be sealed off with plastic. This takes a little more time so it costs more, but it’s worth every penny.

3. Save Time by Staining and Coating in the Same Day
There’s a technique to buffing the stain in and wiping the excess off that not only helps the stain penetrate the wood better, it also allows your refinisher to coat that same day – shortening the process by a day.

4. Use the Right Urethane
For longevity, you want the hardest urethane you can get.

5. Take the Time to Tape
Wherever hardwood meets tile or another surface that won’t be refinished, make sure your refinisher takes the time to tape these areas off.