After the reemergence, going out to eat inside anywhere was a treat we all looked forward to, and one place seemed to call to us more than it ever did pre-Covid. Now it draws us inside often — a most beautiful, elegant and somewhat indulgent way to pass an afternoon after months and months of looking at our own walls. At the RH Courtyard Restaurant in Green Hills, surrounded by crystal chandeliers and lush layers of greenery, it suddenly seems entirely appropriate to pay $20 for a salad. And on any given workday over the past few months you were likely to see a local designer or industry rep and their team ensconced for hours over laptops and truffle fries, enjoying one of the most beautiful off-site work spaces in town. We can’t say we blame them, and we know we can’t wait to go back.

RH Courtyard Restaurant at Restoration Hardware, The Gallery at Green Hills, 2101 Green Hills Village Drive, open daily 10 a.m.-9 p.m.