Photo Courtesy of Ford Custom Classic Homes

It’s tough to get cozy in a room that’s too big.  Many builders have noticed a movement away from the McMansions to smaller homes designed for real living. The biggest waste of money is square footage that you don’t use.  You either build to house your furniture and end up with what are basically storage rooms, or you build on a large scale and need all new furnishings that are larger scale also. Either way, you’ve got a lot of room without any real reason.

Any time you create a specific room for a function that can work nicely incorporated into another room, you’ve wasted money. Hallways are also a great waste of space so an open floor plan that reduces the number and size of hallways saves money. And don’t forget, you’re paying to heat and cool every square foot, so those 2 storey living areas are expensive to maintain.

There’s a move now to homes that are around 6,000 square feet. People are becoming more practical in their choices and really starting to consider living in a space instead of just building it. And this extends to their choices for energy and water efficiency. Materials that reduce those operating expenses are worth the extra price. Building a home that’s not too big, and then making that home as efficient as possible is the best way to get the most value out of every square foot of your home.