Photo Courtesy of Bella Linea

Not all thread counts are created equal. And shoppers who don’t know this are the first ones to be taken advantage of by swindler sheet manufacturers. In higher-end products, thread count is determined by counting only the warp threads; not the weft. So, a sheet with 600 warp threads and 600 weft threads would be considered a 600 thread count sheet.

Mass market manufacturers unfortunately don’t adhere to this counting guideline. In order to make their products look like a better quality product, they count both the warp and weft threads. So, in a mass marketed sheet a 600 thread count really means 300 warp threads and 300 weft threads, or half the number of threads of the supposedly comparable high end sheet. You’re paying less, but you need to be aware that what you’re really getting is a 300 thread count sheet – not 600.