By Hollie Deese
Photography by Reeves Smith

When Randall Smith and Corey Craig came together to form Celebration Homes in 2001 they each came to the table with decades of experience that dated back to high school – Smith was 13 years old when he began working on survey and footing crews, while Craig had formed his own company at age 17, Traceside Properties, before co-founding the Craig Company with his dad, Lloyd.

And once they joined forces, business really began to grow.

“They were already building as the Craig Company, maybe 20 homes a year,” Smith says. “I joined them with the goal of expanding the company and growing into new markets. So we went from about 20 units up to 50 the first year.”

Today their current scale is about 135 homes a year, including some in the mixed-use Barry Farms community and now in Stephens Valley, the new Williamson County community bordering Natchez Trace. Both developments have live, shop and play options.

“Stephens Valley has a unique approach in just the amount of acreage set aside for natural space,” Smith says. “There’s a lot more open space and a lot more natural amenities with the Natchez Trace being adjacent to it.”

It fits right in with Celebration’s slogan of “More space, more style,” working in tandem with their in-house design department to help clients through the process of selecting all the interior finishes. Their exteriors are a combination of different styles, including the nationally popular modern farmhouse style, Craftsman, Federal, Georgian and even some Neoclassical to create a nice architectural mix for a pretty street scene.

Randall Smith

“I think it’s the perfect combination of place and nature with activities and amenities, and also a small-town environment that’s coming,” Smith says. “I think that when buying in Stephens Valley, the community is really the bigger decision. We’re building a beautiful home, but there’s a beautiful home in a lot of places. What makes Stephens Valley unique is the small-town atmosphere we’re creating in nature.”

It is in the details of the homes where Celebration really shines, setting a high standard with the selections in hardware, lighting and finishes, working hand-in-hand with homeowners to make sure they get the selections they want, without stress and anxiety.

“We work with a client very closely, creating a plan that really factors in their needs and what they want in that home,” he says. “We can literally start from scratch with a design and tweak it to the changes that family needs — put their personal style on the elevation and the exterior as well as the interior. Even though we think of these homes as a custom design, we can make that process very easy.”

Celebration Homes
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