Solid wood siding can be used as boards, shingles and shakes. Wood siding can be made from many species of wood including cedar, yellow poplar, redwood, white pine, spruce, and Douglas fir. Note: with redwood and cedar, corrosion can occur from the nails unless you use stainless-steel nails. Regardless of the species of the wood, it is imperative that all sides of each piece be treated with a protective coating before being installed.

Often, if the wood is finished off-site, the finisher will offer a warranty anywhere from 15-30 years. However, if the wood is finished on-site, warranties usually aren’t available. If you’re using shakes or shingles, while they are being stained or painted and treated with a fire-retardant in the factory, they can also be installed on 8-foot square panels so that your roofer can install the 8-foot square sections instead of handling individual shingles.

Wood should be either kiln-dried or seasoned if you don’t want to go through the hassle of air drying on site for several weeks before installation.