3 01, 2012

Invest Less by Refinishing Old Cabinets


When you are ready to finish your cabinets, many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to be completely ripped out and replaced. Often, the structure of the cabinets is fine and your either need to have the doors replaced or refinished to completely update the look of your kitchen. Usually, it’s the doors that date a kitchen.

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1 01, 2012

Tile Selection Made Simple


Choosing the right tile is easy when you consider these 5 points. 1. Desired area of application Not all tile is suitable for exterior installations due to climate and slip resistance. Through-body porcelains are recommended for exterior use with a coefficient rating of 0.5 or above. 2. What’s the application surface? Shower, floors or walls? Tiles are also rated for floor

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31 12, 2011

Appliances – Microwaves


When choosing a microwave oven, there are four things to consider: capacity, wattage, reliability, and looks. Different families require different combinations. Capacity If you’re serious about a performance kitchen, you need capacity. The largest capacity microwave ovens have a capacity of just over 2 cubic feet. These ovens are larger, so make sure that you either have a good spot

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31 12, 2011

Kitchen Sinks


There are two main considerations with sinks - number of bowls and material. Double bowl sinks are the most common, but some companies now offer three bowl options. Separate bowls are very accommodating for cleaning while cooking. You can select the bowl sizes based on your personal preferences. A large single bowl is always a better option than a double

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31 12, 2011

Dish Washers


When selecting a dishwasher, you first need to determine your needs. Probably a family of five is going to need a larger-capacity dishwasher than a couple of empty-nesters. You have three considerations other than size; noise, water usage and energy efficiency. The more insulated the model, the quieter it will run. Some newer models use less than five gallons of

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31 12, 2011

Appliances – Refrigeration


Refrigeration is no longer a question of which refrigerator do you need. It can also be how many refrigerators do you want. If you’re a traditionalist and you only want one refrigeration unit, then the decision is either side-by-sides, or freezer above or on bottom. The drawback with a side-by-side is that bulky items are hard to store.   The

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31 12, 2011

Appliances – Cooking


Oh, the accessories available today. If you’ve ever thought, “It sure would be nice to have. . .” you can probably get it. Gotta have it items include burners that pop out to accommodate slide in steamers, deep-fryers, griddles, and grills.   With all these choices, you can customize a cooktop based on the way you want to cook. You

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30 12, 2011

Kitchen Design – The Anatomy of a Great Kitchen


Like it or not, if you cook meals at home you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And if you’re like most people its just one of the many things that you have to do in a day’s work. For this reason, you want a kitchen that is designed to function well. And as long as you’re taking

Kitchen Design – The Anatomy of a Great Kitchen2017-10-27T07:52:31-07:00
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