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20 04, 2016

Getting the Light Just Right


Nashville Interiors wants to shine a little light on the vocabulary and versatility of proper lighting. AMBIENT LIGHTING Ambient lighting requires layers of light to create a specific mood. “You want an even distribution of light throughout the room and you can accomplish that with a good placement of lamps,” says Clay Isaacs of Lumen Lamps. “Multiple light sources makes

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18 04, 2016

Timeless Trends


[gdlr_heading tag="h3" font_weight="bold" ]WHAT WILL LAST?[/gdlr_heading] Smart Use Of Space “Some people say ‘downsizing,’ but I like to say ‘right-sizing.’ The up-and-coming generation doesn’t necessarily want homes that are too big. Lifestyles are not that formal anymore.” – Alan Looney, Castle Homes “People are going smaller and for quality. People’s lifestyles have changed and this has made them rethink the

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