NASHVILLE. Enjoy this conversation with Nashville-based interior designer and author Marcelle Guilbeau in her recent interview on Million Dollar Decorating (Episode 417) with award-winning designer and author James Swann.

From the podcast:

“I grew up in Louisiana and beautiful interior design is everywhere in that world—and beautiful living. I remember begging to go and visit New Orleans and studying the incredible hotels and restaurants that took you back to a slower time when people stopped and savored life. That’s the culture I come from—and that’s really what I try to give to people, and what I really believe that people are trying to give to themselves, when they hire me.” —Marcelle Guilbeau, Nashville 

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Explore the process Marcelle takes her clients through to identify their design style, design values and basic design principles. Participants will create their own ‘style notebook’ to keep and grow.

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