Space design in a garage is completely different than interior storage design. The mistake that is most often made is that homeowners don’t thoroughly evaluate their needs before their storage system is designed. 

Without a real needs evaluation, you can spend the same amount of money on a system, and in the end, you still don’t have the storage that you need. The product must match the client’s needs – cabinets and organizers are designed to meet specific needs and if you don’t know what those particular needs are, you’ll get the wrong system.

Most “wrong systems” share some of the same qualities. When a design fails, it’s usually one of 4 problems.

1. The system doesn’t get everything off the floor
This may be the single most important thing in garage storage. A successful system gets everything off the floor.

2. Wrong combination of cabinets
It’s important that the depth and width of each cabinet be appropriate for what you intend to store in it or they’ll be useless.

3. Cabinets sit on the floor
Any product that has sides or feet on the floor will trap moisture and encourage mold growth. It’s important to make sure that your cabinets are installed so they don’t trap moisture.

4. Warranty is false
If the company you hire goes out of business, so does your warranty. By hiring companies with a proven history, you have a warranty you can depend on.