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CHATTANOOGA. Heidi Hefferlin and Craig Kronenberg, with Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects, unveiled their new offices at 1220 East Main Street at a large social gathering June 10 with food, music, and a pop-up gallery throughout the large industrial structure.

H + K Architecture = Heidi Hefferlin and Craig Kronenberg, with offices at The Wheelhouse

H + K Architecture = Heidi Hefferlin + Craig Kronenberg

The now landmark building near the railroad tracks gets its name, The Wheelhouse, from the turntable mechanics used to turn around a train. Listen to this recent interview with the architects on how they kept the visual memory of the former screen printing company in the design on WUTC 88.1 public radio HERE. They’ve discovered multiple metaphors within the compound word “wheelhouse.” 

The Wheelhouse campus has one office space available for lease and the setting offers a unique synergy among creative design enterprises with art-filled common spaces and a conference room. The Wheelhouse is also home to a concrete design house, Set In StoneRomanova Art, led by Natasha Romanova, curated an exhibit for opening night. The freshly painted walls were filled with art of local and international high reputation.

Enjoy this glimpse into the new H + K Architects interior from Nashville Interiors:

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