Truly visualize your space with 3D app

Ever stood in a room, wondering what piece of furniture will work in an odd space, or whether a certain sofa will go with a certain chair?

Enter Modsy, an online personalized home design solution that allows users to see how furniture and decor will actually look in their homes before they purchase anything, eliminating the guesswork – and maybe a few friendly marital disagreements – from the buying and styling process.

Alessandra Wood, the director of style at Modsy who boasts a doctorate in design history, says all those fights can end by using Modsy’s advanced 3D visualization technology, which creates perfectly scaled, 360-degree room renderings from your own pictures.

“It gives you the ability to have really high-quality visualization, as opposed to something that might feel a little bit more like a computer game,” Wood says. “Our goal is to have really beautiful, inspiring, photorealistic designs and images that are set in the context of your own home.”

Once you upload photos of your room, the team at Modsy will build a full 3D model that’s accurate to the scale of your room. That room model can then be emptied of all your existing furniture, and all new pieces can be placed in. Or mixed and matched.

“Not only can you play with your room at that moment, but as long as you live in your house you have access to that room,” she says. “So if you come back in one year or two years or five years or 10 years, you’ll always have that room model.”

Modsy has partnerships with more than 100 retailers, including West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel and Design Within Reach, so you can pop in your favorite piece before purchase. And it also works great with that antique hand-me-down you love but aren’t quite sure what to do with.

“We like to say it’s like a catalog in your house, because you have the ability to see and to play and to explore in a very noncommittal way,” she says.

DIY designers aren’t the only ones using the tool; plenty of pros incorporate the technology into their work with clients. There is also a number of interior designers working with Modsy to help with design layouts and give advice.

“It is for people who are either ‘design challenged,’ or who have really strong ideas but are ‘visualization challenged,’” Wood says.

Modsy starts at $69 dollars for one room model with two initial designs, and then unlimited redesign to play around, edit your layout, change out products and print draft renderings. Their $199 package gives you one-on-one access to their style advisor team.

“We give you design support and design advice along the way, but we really put our users in the driver’s seat so that they can create and make the space that really reflects them and reflects their style and their needs,” Wood adds.

Modsy was founded by CEO Shanna Tellerman after she moved into an apartment with her then-boyfriend (now-husband). She had a hard time envisioning how to arrange and decorate the apartment, even with pictures. Using her background in 3D graphics, she created Modsy.

“We’re truly fusing technology and interior design,” Wood says.