[gdlr_image_link type=”image” image_url=”” link_url=”” alt=”” target=”_blank”]Chattanooga. The Refindery is an urban market with a creative bent toward repurposing items into something with a new aesthetic or function.

The space has been repurposed as a collective of booths that offer great finds, whether you are looking for the raw materials for your own artistic creation, or looking for a gift.

Celebrating their first year anniversary, The Refindery has become a design destination. It’s one of those rare places you can find Mid-Century Modern furniture for a bargain, and enjoy thumbing through a booth of vinyl. Turn a corner and there are turntables you will want to take for a spin.


Vintage wedding cake toppers


Architectural elements repurposed

There’s an area where you can find shelves of vintage glass light covers, hardware, columns and doors, and another booth of sturdy farmhouse-style tables made from reclaimed lumber.






You never know what you might find at The Refindery. Charming bride and groom wedding cake toppers are among the delicate treasures in a booth called Wanderland. Vintage classroom posters, the kind that hung from chalkboards before the Internet, with diagrams about democracy or sea shells, offer cool graphics.

A deck of children’s flashcards will likely get woven into an artist’s collage. Gorgeous glass barware sets are irresistible. In another booth, hubcap chrome gets repurposed as a wall of clocks. And speaking of time, you could spend a lot of time in this place, so come for the day and get inspired.


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urban-market-building-frontThe Refindery is located in Highland Park at1300 McCallie Avenue near downtown.

Phone 423.697.1243

While in the area to shop, be sure and take in the McCallie Ave. mural project in the immediate area. 


Photography by Laurie Perry Vaughen


Vintage items for home or garden at The Refindery on McCallie in Chattanooga


Factory glove molds make wonderful artifact display or jewelry holders


Wire basket repurposed


Mid-century modern finds at affordable prices and a vinyl album store tucked into the mix. It’s marvelous


Accent pieces around every corner, and a cat


Garden pots and table displays ready for your home


Car enthusiasts will love these retro chrome hubcap clocks


Vintage lamps and globes, hardware, and more at The Refindery


The Refindery offers wonderful vintage items for the home


Flash-back, slide show carousel repurposed for business cards


Furniture, dishes, gifts, and the little things that make a house a soulful home


Check out the graphics of this vintage classroom poster. We also spotted chemistry lab glassware repurposed as vase and artifact, maps, and flashcards