Occasionally, you just really need something fresh to look at. Unfortunately, there usually isn’t a big budget to achieve the makeover you’re dreaming about. Here are 5 ideas that will do the trick for less.

1. Paint
It’s the fastest, least expensive way to make a BIG change. But you still want to be cautious and test an area, and live with it, before making a final decision.

2. Change Pillows
This is another quick and easy way to add a new color into a room in a fun way.

3. Change lampshades
You’d be suprised how much this one thing can change a room. Keep the base, and if you want to take things a little further, you can either paint or embellish the lamp base.

4. Change your cabinet hardware
For a quick new look in your kitchen, change your hardware. By changing to a completely different finish, as long as it still works with your faucet, you can get a dramatic change without spending a bundle.

5. Paint your existing furniture
If you have painted pieces, you can change the color and if you have a piece of unpainted furniture that you’re tired of, you can always turn it into a painted piece!