Dennis Croteau first got into the hot tub business back in 1991. He had been working at the seasonal family entertainment center his parents built in Crossville, so he picked up a side job refurbishing hot tubs in his off time. He began working at the Crossville HotSpring Spas store and in 2003 he opened his own, HotSpring Spas of Music City.

In 2007 his brother Kevin retired from the US Army and joined his brother. In 2009 they purchased land in Lebanon and in 2011 built their current building on 109. In October 2012 they received the Franklin area and Cool Springs area and opened their Mallory Lane location.

They are currently building a third location in Crossville, on track to open in early 2019.

“That’s where it all started,” Dennis says. “It’s good to be back home there and it’s just a great area.”

Hot tubs have changed somewhat over the decades the Croteaus have been in the business, with one notable change that all of them now software driven. That helps with repairs and upgrades. There are also just so many different options to choose from, starting with $3,000 plug-and-play models that can get people relaxing within a day.

“We can put it in the back of your truck, you take it home, plug it into a standard 115 outlet, fill it with water and 24 hours later you’re in hot water,” Kevin says.

Health and wellness

There’s three components of hydrotherapy that help relax and heal the body: buoyancy, which takes stress off the joints; heat, which opens up blood vessels to allow blood flow; and massage, which releases endorphins, the body’s natural healers.

“We’re getting older and we want to be younger,” he says. “That’s just a fact. And hot water makes us feel better. It makes us sleep better, it makes us recoup from injuries better. It just helps our wellness all around. The biggest thing for me is my arthritis and sleep. It helps me. It doesn’t cure it but it makes me sleep better. It makes my quality of life better.”

Dennis agrees it’s only natural for humans to get healing properties from water.

“We spent the first nine months of our lives in water,” Dennis says. “We’re built of 90 percent water. We react to water. Everyone should have a hot tub because, when we get in water, it’s the universal language. No matter where you’re from, you get in water the first thing you do is go, ‘ahhh.’ It doesn’t matter what language you speak, that’s the sound you make. It’s just incredible.”

They also do portable, traditional and infrared saunas, as well as install custom-cut saunas in downtown condos and high-end homes, including a recent project for musician Dierks Bentley.

“A sauna is great for wellness,” says Kevin.

But there’s a lot more to hot tubs than just sitting in them and relaxing – you can also get a great workout too. Swim spas allow for rowing and treadmill add-on options, while and Endless Pool fitness system has you swimming against the current of an endless wall of water.

“The benefits of hot tubs and swim spas and saunas is total wellness,” Kevin says. “It’s de-stressing after a stressful day. You’re able to come home, go in and just get in hot water.”