How to prolong the life of drapes, art, floors and furnishings

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The vision for the room is now complete: custom drapes, local art on the freshly-painted walls, new hardwood flooring, exquisite wool rugs. It’s perfect. But while you are focused on the interior space, it is important to recognize that natural light is a force of nature. What happens outside can have an unwanted impact on your space. Direct sunlight streaming through windows may please a sleepy cat, but it can rather quickly ruin your expensive investment.

“I have seen silk drapes shred within a mere three months,” said Margaret Shrewsbury of Solar Insulation Window Films. “Designers now refer their clients to us, because we can help the life of their expensive furnishings extend way beyond six months.”

Typically, fine artwork is installed further away from a window than silk drapes, but the effect of UV rays can over time cause irreversible fading, cracking, yellowing, or worse. “You want your artwork and fabrics to last a lifetime, and become heirlooms, so you need to plan for protection,” says Margaret.

“If you put a nice, colorful outfit in the dryer you know what can happen. Heat is damaging, and so is direct sunlight. It’s important to have protection,” she adds.

Her family-owned company’s solar films can be installed on any and all types of windows, including those with vintage small panes or on modern skylights. The nearly invisible films can block 99.9 percent of ultraviolet (UV) radiation while keeping the windows attractive from the curb and without dimming the views from inside. The installation can also help reduce heating and cooling bills.

For an additional boost of sun protection, you may consider adding an awning outside a window of a room with particularly valuable pieces of art and fabric furnishings. Nashville Tent & Awning Co. are specialists in helping homeowners select and install attractive awnings that suit a variety of architectural designs. Beyond protection from fade and fray, awnings can also have a positive impact on energy costs, providing shade in the summer for particularly hot rooms that get too much sunshine. Nashville Tent & Awning Co. can advise builders and homeowners about their assorted awning installations to help block the sun and its damaging UV rays,” says Sheila Thurman. Her company can set up an appointment for a professional to visit the home, measure, and install awnings.

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