Luxury flooring leader and tenant in Wedgewood-Houston’s new Nashville Design Collective, Textures Nashville launched a weekly podcast, “Couture and Construction,” in March, dedicated to the people and stories behind beautiful places. The weekly podcast – recorded live in the Textures Nashville Showroom – features conversations with interior designers, architects and luxury builders with the aim to inspire, educate and strengthen the design and build industry.

The first five episodes with Andrew Denny, owner of Textures Nashville and creator / host of the podcast, are available now for streaming or download via Apple, Google, Spotify and Stitcher Podcasts, with a new episode released each Monday. Every episode consists of an interview with a different local influencer prominent in the design and build industry such as interior designer Lori Paranjape, landscape architect Gavin Duke or even chef Sean Brock.

Each week Denny and the featured guest delve into industry-related topics and give exclusive behind-the-scenes stories. The inaugural episode features Anne Puricelli, co-founder and managing partner of the Nashville Design Collective, and shares the conception of and inspiration behind the NDC as well as how the collective will enhance the Nashville design community.

Other episodes cover social media influence in the design community, understanding construction budgets, trendsetting, lighting trends, kitchen trends, Nashville style, the process of building a home and more.

“Being a part of the community in the NDC inspired us to think of different ways to impact the design and build industry,” says Denny. “We felt sharing the behind-the-scenes perspective from local experts could help create an understanding of expectations and benefit the community by revealing a unique outlook regarding the design and build process.”