[gdlr_image_link type=”image” image_url=”” link_url=”” alt=”” target=”_blank”]Put down the hammer. Call an expert. Call Bob. 

Bob Wright portrait by Billy Weeks for Nashville Interiors. A painting by Nashville artist Ed Nash is in the background.

Chattanooga. When Songbirds was ready to hang more than one hundred guitars on the wall in anticipation of the grand opening, they called Bob. When the Tennessee Aquarium needed to refurbish their unique display of American folk art, they called Bob. Gallery 1401 owners on Main Street in Chattanooga have Bob’s number memorized. He’s been working with that gallery since it first opened on the Southside. Galleries and interior decorators rely on Bob to complete their vision.

Typically Bob Wright is not the last person called, but serves as a valued problem solver on the front end of a project He can offer advice on how to incorporate artifacts along with framed memories, how to use scaffolding over a stairwell, or suggest a French cleat technique.

Bob developed his expertise over time and as a natural extension of working for full-service frame shops and galleries. He owned Framewrights for twenty-five years in his historic St. Elmo neighborhood at the foot of Lookout Mountain. In the 1980s he was on staff at the Hunter Museum of American Art as an assistant to the curator of exhibits.

“I don’t do drapes,” he says concisely and with a smile. “But I know someone who does.” Bob Wright’s Art Installations specializes in hanging anything you might also insure or count as priceless, such as framed artwork, wall cabinetry and shelving, musical instruments, tapestries, mirrors, plates, and taxidermy.


Beverly ‘Guitar’ Watkins checks out the new Songbirds Guitar Museum at the historic Chattanooga Choo-Choo. Bob Wright installed the more than 100 famous and infamous instruments, working with the challenge of bricks walls from another century. Learn more about Songbirds at songbirdsguitars.com

One of his most challenging projects was hanging a full-size, framed heirloom quilt covered in glass and weighing more than a hundred pounds. An added challenge was securing the work of art over a steep staircase using scaffolding. Recently, he worked at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo on two projects. One was an installation of architecturally placed mirrors in the new upscale bar Stir that fronts the historic train depot. He developed the antique look for the mirrors that sets the ambience and elegance for the room.

Songbirds Guitar Museum, a new music venue and lounge, features the largest collection of privately owned guitars in the world. The performance venue and museum recently opened at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. Bob got to hold each guitar and make them shine on display. “That was a satisfying project,” says Bob, who is also a musician with the group Church Bus Captain.


Sculpture installation by Bob Wright

Displaying a collection or an intergenerational wall of family photos can be a daunting task, so call Bob. He’s also a master at plaster and mountain stone that no amateur should touch with a hammer and nail.

While Bob works primarily with designers and galleries, he can also work directly with homeowners following a move to a new home or during a remodel project.

Bob Wright works on a surprisingly affordable hourly rate. So, investing in expertise is more affordable than you might think. Investing in expertise is our recommendation, otherwise, you may have a more costly plaster repair or annoying un-level painting in your line of sight.

For further information, follow Bob Wright’s Art Installation on Facebook, or call Bob at 423.364.1015

Enjoy this design portfolio featuring Bob Wright’s Art Installation.
Photography by Bob Wright 


A starburst mirror adds vitality to a classic display. Bob Wright’s Art Intallation brings expertise to implement a homeowner or designer’s ideas.


A row of Ed Nash paintings arranged and installed by Bob Wright. Nashville painter Ed Nash is represented in Chattanooga by Gallery 1401.


The art of the group is not as easy as it looks. This collection is stronger together. Display by Bob Wright’s Art Installation.


A stairway is a dramatic focal point of any fine home, but brings challenges on how to edit a collection so that it enhances the space, but doesn’t detract from the architecture.


The large antique-finished mirrors that line the room at the popular Chattanooga Choo-Choo gathering place, Stir, were enhanced, framed, and installed by Bob Wright.



Exquisite installation by Bob Wright featuring a dozen pleasing pieces creating a whole.


Working with lighting, niche architecture, and caring for an art collection that took years to collect requires expert installation. Call Bob.


Recreating the elephant in the room as 42 panels required the expertise of Bob Wright.


Bob Wright’s Art Installation balances framed and frameless works as a natural pairing in this traditional dining room.


Bob Wright’s Art Installation helps families curate their most soulful collections.



Layering two original paintings adds depth and delight. But also provided a design challenge. So they called Bob.


Grouping individual mirrors tightly offers the impression of one large installation. The circle motif softens the angles of the tall roofline while echoing the arch of the windows flanking the fireplace.


Photograph transferred to acrylic brings design, light, and clean lines to this contemporary family room.


Revival, an interior design firm and shop at Warehouse Row in Chattanooga, completed this dramatic vision with Bob Wright’s Art Installation.