22 06, 2021

Manuel Zeitlin Architects celebrates 40 years


Manuel Zeitlin Architects is celebrating 40 years since its foundation, and the firm will be celebrating all year long by highlighting the places they have built and the people who helped along the way, including new projects, old projects, long-gone projects, current partners and their 25 year relationship with Zeitgeist art gallery."After moving back to Nashville in December 1980, I

Manuel Zeitlin Architects celebrates 40 years2021-06-22T06:33:15-07:00
1 03, 2021

Greenery Co. Designed With Southern Sophistication


Hillsboro Village eatery offers tasty meals in an inviting environment Photography by Warner Tidwell Located in historic and bustling Hillsboro Village, the fast-casual eatery Greenery Co. offers healthy meals on the go or in a warm and inviting environment., founded by sisters and co-owners Caroline Gaston and Whitney Abblitt, both Vanderbilt University graduates who are passionate about the Nashville

Greenery Co. Designed With Southern Sophistication2021-03-01T12:34:17-07:00
7 09, 2018

Interview: Kevin O’Connor of This Old House


As the 40th season of “This Old House” is set to premiere October 4, 2018, host Kevin O’ Connor preps for a trip to Nashville for an appearance at the Nashville Home Show Sept. 21-22. He took some time to talk to Nashville Interiors about the show’s upcoming premier, what to expect when you see him at the Nashville

Interview: Kevin O’Connor of This Old House2018-09-07T04:30:16-07:00
7 02, 2018

Strengthening the City’s Core


Mark Deutschmann cares about Nashville. That much is obvious to anyone who has known the Village Real Estate founder a long time, or has just met him through the course of their day. In Nashville real estate since the late 1980s, the trained zoologist actually used to work with killer whales in British Columbia before moving into a house on

Strengthening the City’s Core2018-02-07T09:27:07-07:00
7 11, 2017

Builder Spotlight: Seth Argo with Focus Builders


By Hollie Deese Photography by Nick McGuinn, Garett Buell and Paige Rumore Nashville has changed just a little bit since Seth Argo moved here from Memphis in 2003. He was in commercial development for 12 years before he made the switch to residential, a shift that has helped him appreciate all the moving pieces and personal touches that go into

Builder Spotlight: Seth Argo with Focus Builders2017-11-07T17:26:33-07:00
5 01, 2012

Castle Homes – Green Building


While every home we craft is as unique as its owner, some things come standard with all Castle projects: superior architectural integrity, professional project management, attentive client service and adherence to strict budgets and timelines. Castle Homes has been Nashville and Middle Tennessee's preferred custom builder and home renovator for more than 15 years because of these unwavering standards of

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30 12, 2011

Insulation Materials


You mean there’s something other than the PINK stuff? For years, the standard material for insulation has been fiberglass batt. Think Pink Panther. And while fiberglass batt may be the right insulation for either part or all of your project, it’s worth taking a look at newer materials that are transforming the way we insulate.   Fiberglass Fiberglass insulation is

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28 11, 2011

R-Value and Low-E Explained


R-Value and Low-E are two terms that you will hear constantly when discussing many materials used in constructing your home. We’ll take a look first at why these values are important and how they affect your material selections.   Poorly insulated homes are more expensive to heat because the heat that you’re producing doesn’t stay in your home for very

R-Value and Low-E Explained2017-10-27T07:52:33-07:00
19 09, 2011

5 Basics of Green Building


1. Site Selection Green building begins with the site that you choose.  Building on land that is in a developed area, connected to main roads and electrical and water systems impacts the environment less than developing pristine land. The way you position your home on the lot also makes a huge impact on the performance of your home.  By minimizing

5 Basics of Green Building2017-10-27T07:52:33-07:00
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