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2304, 2019

Making Space

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Baker family finds its place in a Brentwood renovation Story by Hollie Deese Photography by Anthony Masterson Photography Rob Baker was born and raised in Nashville. His wife, Jenny, was born in Chattanooga but moved here young enough for them to attend high school together. After they got married they moved into a little ranch house in Green Hills,

103, 2019

Nashville Lawn and Garden Show celebrates 30 years

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Changing city inspires this year’s theme This weekend the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show celebrates its 30th anniversary with the theme Changing Times, Changing Gardens, which will focus on the evolving realities of modern cityscapes, suburban and rural gardens, community initiatives, container and waterwise gardens, organic foods and sustainability. Todd Breyer, landscape architect and president of the foundation, has

1202, 2019

Houseplants Help Beat Winter Blues

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Feeling blue? It's easy to infuse new life into spaces by decorating with easy-to-care-for houseplants, giving rooms, from bedrooms to bathrooms and even kitchens, a small pick-me-up during winter months. “Give your house a quick style update by incorporating houseplants,” says Justin Hancock, garden expert at Costa Farms. “Just about every room of your home can be home to a

2901, 2019

Master Collaboration

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Katie Ridder and Peter Pennoyer share tips for couples building their dream home Story by Hollie Deese Photography by Eric Piasecki Getting through a new build is not typically an easy feat for couples, especially when they each have strong design aesthetic and even stronger opinions. But somehow interior designer and architect power couple Katie Ridder and Peter Pennoyer

2201, 2019

Screen Time

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Foldable, functional art is a beautiful solution for open spaces Story by Hollie Deese Photography by Julia Steele When you think of folding screens, you might envision a plain, three- or four-panel divider stuck in a corner to offer some modicum of privacy for changing clothes. And while those surely exist, folding screens have a rich history of being

2812, 2018

Discover Hidden Lake Como

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Zeneba Bowers and Matt Walker are Nashville musicians and, as Little Roads Europe, travel consultants. The following is excerpted from the latest in their award-winning Little Roads Europe Travel Guide series, “Italy’s Alpine Lakes: Small-town Itineraries for the Foodie Traveler”. Lake Como is probably best known as a vacation home for various rich and famous glitterati - Clooney, Versace,

2312, 2018

Christmas trees a special tradition

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By Zoe Hendrick The weather gets colder, the leaves change colors and tree lots pop up everywhere. Suddenly, you know it’s Christmas time. Family traditions really come alive in the brisk winter air, and whether yours is going to grandma’s house or baking cookies with your dad, everyone has a Christmas tree tradition. Some families pack up and pick

2811, 2018

Life Al Fresco

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Middle Tennesseans make the most of outdoor space Photography by Ruby and Peach Photography and Paige Rumore Photography When fall means mostly mild weather peppered with the occasional 90-degree day, enjoying time outdoors is a big part of how Middle Tennesseans spend their time. And you don’t need that much space to make outdoor magic happen. Seth Argo with

2610, 2018

Paddywax Candles Last Beyond the Burn

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By Emily Griffin Fans of locally-made Paddywax candles keep coming back for the insanely addictive smell and the high-quality containers that look gorgeous in any room - a strategy that is all by design. Paddywax is well known in the Nashville area for their Berry Hill storefront where all the candles are hand-poured for all of their orders. This

1310, 2018

Closets become custom, functional spaces

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By Emily Griffin Over 10 years ago, Betty Anne Mills, an interior designer, and her husband started a company called Inspired Closets. As an interior designer, Mills saw a need for closet revamping when she was helping her parents move into The Heritage at Brentwood, a retirement community. “I found a small dealership and got started in that way