19 07, 2018

Finishing Touch


Designer doors complete a modern renovation Photography by Rachel Tenpenny Dr. Stephen Fesik took the interior of his decades-old, traditional Forest Hills house and transformed it into a clean-lined modern masterpiece. His style upgrade made his home the kind of place worthy of showing off, so next up was making it a hub of entertaining. The back patio and

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3 11, 2017

Picture-Window Perfect


Story by Hollie Deese Photography by Rachel Tenpenny When Dr. Stephen Fesik first tackled a remodel on his 1989-built traditional Forest Hills home about five years ago, he completely renovated the inside, swapping out brass chandeliers, dated knobs and flowery wallpaper for a cleaner, more modern design. One thing he didn’t include in the project was new windows and doors,

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30 12, 2011

Exterior Doors


Exterior doors have three main functions; security, style and insulation. And unlike interior doors, they have to stand up to the ravages of sun damage, extremes of heat and cold, wind, and swings in humidity without warping, shrinking or swelling. They also have the added challenge of having one half subjected to exterior conditions while the other half is exposed

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30 12, 2011

Window Materials


Wood and Clad Wood The most common material for windows is wood, either alone or clad. One of the great advantages to wood besides the incomparable beauty, is that it can be milled into virtually any custom shape. If you don’t want a standard window, wood is for you. Also on the pro-side, it has great insulation value and if

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30 12, 2011

Anatomy of an NFRC Label for Windows


The US Department of Energy partnering with the National Fenestration Rating Council have developed the NFRC label. It summarizes all of the main points that are important in deciding which windows will work for your home and your climate. These ratings apply to the whole window, not just the component parts. NFRC labels gauge energy performance and provide a way

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30 12, 2011

Insulation Materials


You mean there’s something other than the PINK stuff? For years, the standard material for insulation has been fiberglass batt. Think Pink Panther. And while fiberglass batt may be the right insulation for either part or all of your project, it’s worth taking a look at newer materials that are transforming the way we insulate.   Fiberglass Fiberglass insulation is

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11 12, 2011

Framing Choices


Framing is like the skeleton of your home.  It is the structure around which your home is built.  Its strength and thermal bridge qualities are the two of the main concerns when choosing framing.  Advances in engineered wood and SIPs have made them very interesting alternatives to traditional stick framing. Dimensional Lumber The most common framing material in residential construction,

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28 11, 2011

Roofing Choices


Sun, rain, snow, and wind exposure all day, every day for years - and it’s supposed to look great and function flawlessly. Here’s a look at some of the more “exotic” options in roofing. Please remember when looking at installed costs, the complexity of the roof line design can cause big swings in labor costs. Slate CHARACTERISTICS: Natural stone, noticeable

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28 11, 2011

Exterior Materials – Fiber Cement


In many instances, especially here in Nashville where we have hot, humid weather, fiber cement board is replacing wood as a facing material. Fiber cement board is a mixture of 90% cement/sand and 10% wood fiber. Fiber cement boards are much heavier than wood. Fiber cement boards come in siding, shingles and panels with textures that range from wood, stucco

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