13 12, 2019

Nashville Design District: Daltile


By Hollie Deese Photography by Pamela Monaghan It has been about a year and a half since Daltile moved from a small gallery off their warehouse on Bransford Avenue and into a shiny new showroom on Sidco Drive, and the team is loving being right in the heart of the Design District. “All of the designers are over here

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4 12, 2019

Myers Flooring makes its mark in Nashville’s Design District


By Hollie Deese Photography by Reeves Smith It’s hard to believe the totally renovated showroom was once an RJ Young distribution center, but an inset scale, a remnant from the past, was preserved in the remodel to commemorate what was once there. And in a city that is changing as fast as Nashville, that’s important. It’s also why it

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3 01, 2012

5 Basic Rules for Stone & Tile


1. Avoid what’s common. There are so many options in stone and tile today. Don’t make the mistake of choosing before you’ve looked at what’s on the market. If you take just a little time, you may find something that fits your budget and half of your neighbors don’t have exactly the same thing. 2. Rethink the edge.

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1 01, 2012

Beware of the Low Bid


3 Sneaky Shortcuts that Bad Installers Take There are a lot of corners that can be cut in installation and you want to make sure that your installer hasn’t arrived at his low price because he’s planning on taking the shortcuts.   1. Cheap Thinset Thinset is what adheres your tile to the subsurface. If your installer buys cheap thinset, or uses less

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1 01, 2012

Choose Large Tiles to Save Money


If you’ve ever seen a piece of tile at a certain price and a very similar one for a lot more, you may think that they were mis-priced. Maybe not.  You Pay a Premium for New Styles “When you buy a new tile color or style from a company, you’re going to pay more for that choice than if you

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1 01, 2012

Fine Rugs: What to Look For


If you want a rug that will last forever - both in terms of quality and style, you need to know a little before putting your money down.  1. Always Choose Vegetable Dye Rugs that are dyed with vegetable die are more beautiful durable and valuable than ones died with chemical dyes. They are easier to clean, the colors never bleed and your rug

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1 01, 2012

5 Tips for Better Refinishing


When comparing bids for refinishing, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. There are lots of shortcuts that a refinisher can take that lowers the bid, but lessens the quality of your job. 1. Ditch the Dust The worst part about refinishing floors is the dust. Make sure to hire someone who has a dustless sanding system. 2.

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