12 07, 2018

Designer Spotlight: Shirley Horowitz of Davishire Interiors


By Emily Griffin Owner of Davishire Interiors and self-proclaimed queen of ottomans, designer Shirley Horowitz entered the world of interior design nearly 35 years ago on a whim and has been searching for ways to make living spaces more versatile, unique and comfortable ever since. After graduating from college and after doing other various jobs, Nashville native Horowitz decided

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19 06, 2018

Shopping Nashville’s 8th Avenue


By Allie Myszka Photography by Gabe Ford Nashville’s 8th Avenue is full of life and bustling with constant change. Now densely lined with local restaurants, residential buildings, and shops, the street has become a well-loved neighborhood for locals and tourists alike. Among the best of 8th Avenue’s offerings are several businesses that are full of treasures for those in

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7 11, 2017

Reinventing the Past


Train rails get new life as custom furniture creations Photography by Reeves Smith Robert Hendrick is a serial tech entrepreneur. He just can’t help having a hand in the early stages of making a company a success, then moving on to the next promising venture. And the Nashville native and Montgomery Bell Academy grad has some impressive credits on

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5 01, 2012

5 Bargains that Balance Your Budget


1. Furniture Be most cost-conscious of your pieces that require the most fabric like a big couch or large window. Choose heavy duty, comfortable and affordable fabric on these items and choose a more expensive fabric for the pillows. It’s the same idea as taking an inexpensive black skirt with a great cut and pairing it with an expensive blouse.

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5 01, 2012

Fine Linens at Bella Linea


From simple sheet sets to complete bedroom and bath design, Bella Linea is a Nashville Treasure.  Owner Linda Berry talks about what Bella Linea can do to transform your bedroom.  

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5 01, 2012

Curtains – 10 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make


Done correctly, curtains are both functional and beautiful They can help tie together various elements in a room and more practically, they help insulate your home which helps reduce your heating and cooling bills. Kip Merrit of The Curtain Exchange in Green Hills offers his 10 mistakes you want to avoid.   1. Never choose fabric from a swatch.

Curtains – 10 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make2017-10-27T07:52:29-07:00
4 01, 2012

4 Rules When Buying a Farmhouse Table


Now that farmhouse tables have become the single piece of furniture that you must have that you actually won’t get sick of and changing styles won’t leave behind, you need to go the extra mile to get the right one. 1. Get the size right. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 3’ of space on all

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