Sometimes it takes an introduction, and that is what Lisa Oppenheimer hopes to do as EClan Design’s new sales and marketing director, connecting the art of folding screens and room dividers with interior designers, artisans and curated stores throughout the Southeast.

“As a long-time art enthusiast, it is exciting seeing how art and the perfectly curated piece can make a difference in creating a beautiful home,” she says. “While living in Washington, D.C., I had the chance to see Will’s art and screens first hand in a beautiful Georgetown home. I was excited to connect with him after moving to the Music City. Nashville has such a talented community of designers and so many gorgeous stores.”

While previously living in Nashville, she headed group sales for the Tennessee Performing Arts Center where one of her first, and favorite shows, was “Phantom of the Opera.” She was most recently living and working in Washington, D.C. and Memphis.

“Connecting these creatives with unique and versatile folding screens and art is an exciting opportunity, and, I can’t wait to help them weave these original pieces into beautiful homes and commercial spaces,” she says.