23 04, 2017

Designer Spotlight: Marcelle Guilbeau


NASHVILLE. Enjoy this conversation with Nashville-based interior designer and author Marcelle Guilbeau in her recent interview on Million Dollar Decorating (Episode 417) with award-winning designer and author James Swann. From the podcast: "I grew up in Louisiana and beautiful interior design is everywhere in that world—and beautiful living. I remember begging to go and visit New Orleans and studying the incredible hotels and restaurants that took

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2 12, 2016

Wallpaper: Living with Texture and Pattern


We asked two designers to share rooms they’ve wrapped in paper—and we were not talking a mere accent wall, stairwell, or tucked away powder room. Paper, not paint, transformed the two large spaces into rooms that balance their vitality with an invitation to kick back and relax. Both designers defied the stereotypes of wallflowers to bring pattern and pulse to

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3 01, 2012

Correct Furniture Placement


Once your home has been designed and built with flow in mind, you have to continue that process through furniture placement. Before placing any furniture, you need to know what activities are going to be performed in each room. Have a list of furniture that you plan to use in each room. You’ll probably have a vision of how

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3 01, 2012

Garage Storage – 4 Most Common Mistakes


Space design in a garage is completely different than interior storage design. The mistake that is most often made is that homeowners don’t thoroughly evaluate their needs before their storage system is designed.  Without a real needs evaluation, you can spend the same amount of money on a system, and in the end, you still don’t have the storage that

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1 01, 2012

Light it Right


If someone tells you that it’s better to live in your home for a while then make improvements to the lighting when you see how you’re going to live in the home, don’t believe them. They just cost you a lot of money.  It always costs more to change something than to do it right the first time. The most

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