By Hollie Deese

When Milestone opened their showroom in the Design District in December 2015, it was their first time expanding out of Clarksville, and Design Center Manager Camille Elvord-Jacky says they knew it was exactly the area of town to set up shop.

“When we first got that building, it was because that area was starting to be the up-and-coming design area,” Elvord-Jacky says. “And in the last few years, we’ve seen it just expand by leaps and bounds.”

All of the design businesses really play off of each other, too, she says. They work together to make sure everyone gets what they need.

“If I don’t have something that a customer wants, I like to send them just around the corner. They don’t have to drive across town to get something,” she says. “And really it’s becoming the ‘it’ area for a little bit of everything. Before, you would have to go somewhere else to get a cup of coffee, but now you can almost walk the area and touch every store.”

At Milestone Design Center, they stock quality porcelain tile that’s made in Clarksville — always with factory-direct and contractor pricing and a free design consultation for indoor and outdoor spaces.

And they really, really want you to ask for their opinion.

“What I love about tile are the different styles, shapes, colors — the versatility of it for indoor and outdoor,” she says. “We have wood looks, marble, bubble looks, you name it. And being porcelain, you don’t have to worry about mold, mildew, stains. It’s such a great product that we produce, and I just love working with people to get their ideas and make them become a reality.”

She likes to get to know every customer individually, know their likes, their families, and how they will be living with the tile when it is finally installed.

“We just like to have fun and help them realize their dream with their tile,” she says. “We’re locally manufactured — I know the people who are producing our tile. We’re a small company, but it’s the love of porcelain tile that makes us the best.”

Milestone Design Center
514 Fontana Drive