3 11, 2017

Picture-Window Perfect


Story by Hollie Deese Photography by Rachel Tenpenny When Dr. Stephen Fesik first tackled a remodel on his 1989-built traditional Forest Hills home about five years ago, he completely renovated the inside, swapping out brass chandeliers, dated knobs and flowery wallpaper for a cleaner, more modern design. One thing he didn’t include in the project was new windows and doors,

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5 01, 2012

Always Start With the Big Picture


When designing a new home, most homeowners are tempted to go about it in reverse, choosing the details before they really have a complete overall plan. Nashville architect Terry Bates advises, “You should always start with an overall general concept and move to specific design or you’ll either be over budget, or you’ll have to settle for less than you

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5 01, 2012

Floorplans that Flow


In designing spaces that really work, there’s a list of considerations that blend together to create a home that feels good. Daylight, interesting views, material choices, correct proportions and flow. Since homes are places where people have to function, good flow results in an efficient use of space that is still aesthetically pleasing. There are two main areas you have

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