6 01, 2012

2011-2012 Issue


Enjoy our first official digital issue. Now, when you're out shopping and planning, you'll be able to pull up Nashville Interiors on your ipad or smartphone and remind yourself of what those cabinets looked like that you loved or where that cool accessory was that you wanted to buy.

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3 01, 2012

Cost Per Square Foot? Forget About it.


“When people have a preconceived idea of cost per square foot ahead of time, it rarely translates to the actual home that they want,” offers Alan Looney, president of Castle Homes. Instead, Alan suggests that you start with a budget and work backwards. A good team of architect, builder and designer can take a budget and design to

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3 01, 2012

You Can Change Your Mind – But it Will Cost You


Want to avoid mistakes? Spend money on a good architect. And don’t just get basic plans, the more detail, the better.  Nothing is more expensive than change orders because they create a domino effect. To change one thing, you may have to redo two or three others, making that one change very expensive. By hiring a good architect and committing to

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3 01, 2012

Avoid Building Too Big


It’s tough to get cozy in a room that’s too big.  Many builders have noticed a movement away from the McMansions to smaller homes designed for real living. The biggest waste of money is square footage that you don’t use.  You either build to house your furniture and end up with what are basically storage rooms, or you

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3 01, 2012

Buy the Right Lot


“Buying the wrong lot is such an easy mistake to avoid,” says Bernie Bloemer, of Bernie Bloemer Custom Homes. “Always take your builder with you when you’re looking for a lot. If you haven’t already chosen your builder, but you’ve narrowed the choice down, ask all of them to look at the lot individually.” If you already have some idea

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