Want to avoid mistakes? Spend money on a good architect. And don’t just get basic plans, the more detail, the better.  Nothing is more expensive than change orders because they create a domino effect. To change one thing, you may have to redo two or three others, making that one change very expensive.

By hiring a good architect and committing to the process of developing detailed drawings, not only is it possible to accurately price the project, it also leaves less room for miscommunications; and miscommunications are what result in costly mistakes.

Detailed drawings also keep the job moving. If we have to wait for a clarification before a subcontractor can start his part of the project, he may have to go to another job while he waits. Then we’re waiting to get him back and the project takes longer to complete.

Which plans do you need to have drawn up? Elevations, floor plans, a roof plan, an electrical plan, and detailed drawings or sections. Armed with these plans, your job will go more smoothly and cost less.