5 01, 2012

5 Bargains that Balance Your Budget


1. Furniture Be most cost-conscious of your pieces that require the most fabric like a big couch or large window. Choose heavy duty, comfortable and affordable fabric on these items and choose a more expensive fabric for the pillows. It’s the same idea as taking an inexpensive black skirt with a great cut and pairing it with an expensive blouse.

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4 01, 2012

4 Rules When Buying a Farmhouse Table


Now that farmhouse tables have become the single piece of furniture that you must have that you actually won’t get sick of and changing styles won’t leave behind, you need to go the extra mile to get the right one. 1. Get the size right. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 3’ of space on all

4 Rules When Buying a Farmhouse Table2017-10-27T07:52:29-07:00
3 01, 2012

5 Steps to Making the Most of a Custom Dining Table


1. Consider having one or more drawers added to the skirt of the table. 2. If you’re having a hutch, server or sideboard made also, don’t make it the same length as the table – either larger or smaller is best. 3. If you’re purchasing a beautiful old wood or solid wood table, consider this when selecting the chairs; most

5 Steps to Making the Most of a Custom Dining Table2017-10-27T07:52:30-07:00
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