1. Consider having one or more drawers added to the skirt of the table.

2. If you’re having a hutch, server or sideboard made also, don’t make it the same length as the table – either larger or smaller is best.

3. If you’re purchasing a beautiful old wood or solid wood table, consider this when selecting the chairs; most of the better chairs on the market are constructed of beech wood. It’s a great wood for construction purposes, but not a great wood to stain unless you choose either a medium or dark stain with a 2-step finishing process to minimize the appearance of the grain. Instead, consider a painted chair, either distressed or not, or choose a medium-dark stain color that is darker than the table. This will provided needed contrast and won’t look like a “set” while keeping the focus on your exceptional table.

4. Consider purchasing a bench as an accessory to your dining table. It’s great for maximizing seating capacity, the perfect solution for kids, and can double as a coffee end table or a piece at the end of a bed if you only occasionally need it in the kitchen.

5. A common misconception is that a wider table will allow you to increase seating capacity by putting people on the ends. A table would need to be 56” wide to comfortably seat two people at the ends of a table. Standard tables vary in width from 34-42” wide.

5’ seats 4 people

6’ seats 6 people

7’ seats 6-8 people

8’ seats 8-10 people

9’ seats 10 people

10’ seats 10-12 people