Now that farmhouse tables have become the single piece of furniture that you must have that you actually won’t get sick of and changing styles won’t leave behind, you need to go the extra mile to get the right one.

1. Get the size right.
A good rule of thumb is to have at least 3’ of space on all four sides. This means that a 6’ x 3’ table needs a space that’s at least 12’ x 9’.

2. Avoid veneer
A solid wood top can be refinished to a like-new condition if it’s damaged unlike a veneer top. And with all the activities that happen around the table today, that’s good insurance. Many tables that come from China have veneered tops.

3. Choose the right wood
It’s important to know where the wood in your table comes from. Ask about the origin. If it comes from India or Indonesia, then there is a good probability that the top will eventually crack. Most products from these areas are made from wood that comes from tropical areas and has a high moisture content. Over time, this wood will contract and you’ll have cracks that can’t be pulled back together. The table must be filled and refinished – it’s expensive and usually unattractive.

4. Get a warranty
When buying a table, ask about the dealer’s warranty and get it in writing. Accidents and scratches happen and if you’re buying a desirable, solid wood piece, even the best manufacturer’s products can have an occasional separation or crack in the finish. Make sure you buy your table from a store that can offer refinishing and repair work at either a nominal charge or no charge if the table moves or the finish fails.