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2805, 2019

Belle Meade Framers, Beveled Edge Merge

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Two Beloved Nashville Custom Framers Join Forces By Brianna Melanson Have you ever been sitting at Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan’s restaurants in downtown Nashville and noticed the photos on the wall? Those were all framed by Belle Meade Framers. Have you seen an impressive photo gallery wall in a Nashville luxury home? Chances are, they were framed at

305, 2019

Shopping Spotlight: Chic Artique

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Family business thrives with rustic aesthetic, custom pieces By Hollie Deese While some people could never comprehend the thought of working with family, for others it is nothing but a dream come true. Like when Jenna Rummel’s son Xander came to her when he was 16 with the idea to create a custom headboard with lights. It was just

1504, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Adam Cremona of Cremona Custom Built

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Furniture maker creates live-edge pieces for commercial spaces By Hollie Deese Connecticut native Adam Cremona never intended to make furniture, or to live in Nashville. After high school he put college on hold to travel the world, snowboard and make music. “I lived in Thailand for a little bit and just wanted to experience things other than education —

1503, 2019

An Artistic Expression

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Small space fosters big ideas for Germantown arts business Story by Hollie Deese Photography by Julia Steele Robert Jones is ready to prove you don’t need a lot of space to make a big impact. His Overton Arts framing workshop is carved into the 100 Taylor Arts Collective in Germantown. “Because it's so small, and it’s just me, I'm

603, 2019

Supporting the Arts

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Rowanne McKnight helps nurture local artists with the Nashville Artist Collective By Kathleen Boyle Photography by Kiki Morton Rowanne McKnight understood it was a risk to begin and lead the Nashville Artist Collective. Not that her hometown wasn’t ready for it; on the contrary, an organization like the collective seemed overdue in Music City. The risk involved, rather, was

2502, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Claire Roberts of Nashty Threads

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Story by Kathleen Boyle Photography by Connie Chornuk When Claire Roberts developed a serious back injury, she needed to take time off from her dance career. A teacher, choreographer and dancer who had worked most recently with the Found Movement Group, Roberts has studied a range of dance disciplines. Dance was an outlet for exploring and cultivating her creative

2712, 2018

Students, New Hat, bring a new look to Belmont Mansion

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By Nicole Keiper In a washroom at Wedgewood-Houston’s Dozen Bakery. Along the shelves at East Nashville beauty hub Lemon Laine. Climbing the walls at historic downtown hotel Noelle. Even if you don’t know local art and design studio New Hat’s name, you’ve likely come across their work — bold, creative, custom wallpaper designs and interior installations — placed in

1512, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Dina D’Argo

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Dina D’argo has always painted, at least on the side, until a severe horse-riding accident prevented her from going back to work full time. She sold her house in California and moved to Hawaii to recover. After that, she got married and moved to Tennessee. That relationship didn’t work out, but she is remarried now to her best friend

511, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Will Rhodarmer of EClan Design

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By Emily Griffin An artist for as long as he can remember, Will Rhodarmer is changing the interior decorating game with his innovative, decorative folding screens. As a trained artist with multiple art degrees, he built on this foundation by pursuing additional studies and expertise from oil and acrylics to Sumi-e drawing, print-making and other unique painting techniques. With his

211, 2018

Parthenon Gala a Celebration of Nashville

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Sylvia Rapoport loves the Parthenon. A Nashville native, she still remembers the first time walking into the Parthenon decades ago, where her mother also volunteered in the gift shop. “We all have to come on our fifth or sixth grade field trip to the Parthenon. That's where we learn about Tennessee history. The only ‘high-rise’ in Nashville was the