New website expands reach

Despite a challenging year, the local social enterprise Poverty and the Arts (POVA) continues to expand their reach and build new capabilities with the launch of their new website, Dedicated to providing people impacted by homelessness with access to creative resources and an artistic platform to enhance their quality of life.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, POVA has successfully adapted their infrastructure by creating new ways for their artists impacted by homelessness to remain connected and productive, as well as for prospective customers to virtually browse and purchase artwork. These adaptations include creating a new interactive, virtual gallery space; joining the Nashville Gallery Association; and navigating the difficult territory of e-commerce art sales with increased product options.

“We’re ready for a new year and a fresh start, so we thought we’d begin the countdown a little early with a sneak peek of what we have planned for 2021,” says POVA Founder Nicole Minyard. “Phase 1 of our exciting changes is live—our new and improved website designed to help our artists sell even more artwork this holiday season.”

The new website moves the organization closer to their goal of increasing holiday art sales in spite of COVID-19. Each artwork and merchandise purchase empowers an artist impacted by homelessness in their program with the income, resources, and confidence to keep creating new works and to flourish independently.

“When you don’t have the right school, the right gallery, and the right representation, you don’t get seen,” says artist Brandy. “POVA is a really great way to get my artwork out there and make a little money.”

Established in 2014, POVA equips people impacted by homelessness with a professional studio space and fine art supplies, provides artistic and business training along with gallery exhibition and representation so they can overcome barriers to employment and income by leveraging their creative talent to create and sell their original works.