Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville Presents: A Virtual Conversation between Mark D. Sikes and Sarah Bartholomew

Little did we know that last year’s Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville was going to be one of the last big events we attended in 2020. A favorite for its vendors and flowers and speakers – not to mention its fundraising abilities for Cheekwooed and the Economic Club of Nashville – we can still get a taste of all that we love virtually this year.

On Thursday, January 21, at 6 p.m. CST, the Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville will present a zoom conversation between local interior designer Sarah Bartholomew, and Mark D. Sikes, the esteemed Los Angeles-based designer known for his work with American tastemakers and celebrities including Nancy Meyers and Reese Witherspoon.

The two designers, who have been industry friends for many years, will be discussing Sikes’ distinctive interior style, his overarching design ethos, and his second book, “More Beautiful: All-American Decoration,” published this past fall by Rizzoli. The new book focuses on mixing sensibilities — American and European, traditional and modern, contemporary and classic. It’s separated into five chapters: Traditional, Country, Coastal, Mediterranean, and, finally, Beautiful, featuring an exclusive look inside Mark’s Hollywood Hills home, where all of his design signatures come together.

Sikes took some time to speak with us about the new book, his relationship with Sarah, and what to expect durieng their virtual conversation.

The timing of the release of your second book, “More Beautiful,” was so perfect for people who have been stuck at home for months. What has the response been?

We’ve found that people are more passionate about their homes than ever as they are spending so much time in them. They are craving inspiration and beauty, so the timing of the book really has been perfect in that regard! With everything going on in the world, not only can beauty inspire but it can also unite us all.

How has your design style evolved over time – and has it changed at all during the pandemic?

You learn throughout the process of living with your designs what works and what doesn’t work, but my sensibilities have stayed the same. I’m grateful to work with clients who are creative and willing to explore that. During the pandemic, I’ve just leaned into the appreciation of simple things, like nature, and my garden, and enjoying a comfortable, relaxed home.

In this book you showcase your own home – was that any more nerve-wracking than just showcasing your clients?

I love sharing my home and the evolution of how it’s changed based on how we’ve lived in it- you can see that shift between what I shared of it in my first book Beautiful and now my second book, More Beautiful.

For you it seems to be all about the mix, combining traditional with coastal, etc., which can be hard for people to master on their own. Any tips for people looking to mix styles?

The most important thing for anyone to do is to surround themselves with what they love. I also think considering the surroundings of your home is important. Let yourself be inspired by what is outside and bring that indoors where you can. I also believe regardless of style of home, that every room should have three great antiques.

How do you and Sarah know each other? What will the event going to be like for people watching the virtual conversation?

Sarah and I became friends 10 years ago because of our mutual love of Givenchy. She reached out to me about a room I’d posted on my blog about Givenchy’s home in the South of France and we just became connected aesthetically and creatively and grew to be close friends. The conversation is friends coming together to discuss work, life, and the power and importance of beauty.

What will you miss most about not being in Nashville in person for the event this year, or something you were looking forward to trying or seeing for the first time?

I have so many friends in Nashville it would have been great to see and spend time with.

What do you think is important to mention about the book and online conversation with Sarah that we have not talked about?

The new book is a continuation of the first book but instead of being broken up by color stories, it’s broken up by style. It doesn’t matter which style you gravitate towards, our design signatures can work in each one. You can buy signed copies of both books through this link at our website,

About the Event
What: A Virtual Conversation with Mark D. Sikes and Sarah Bartholomew
When: Thursday, January 21 at 6 p.m. CST
RSVP: Click here to register receive instructions for dial-in

The event is free and open to the public. Can’t make the live conversation on January 21? The event will be taped and made available on the A&GS website following the event.