[gdlr_image_link type=”image” image_url=”” link_url=”” alt=”” target=”_blank”]500-dpi-logoBrentwood. Drees Homes opened a new design center this summer in Brentwood that is NOT your typical design or retail experience. There are no brand names shouting at clients about what they are ‘supposed’ to prefer. Brand influence is secondary to good design.

“We offer only premium products and have done the daunting brand research of what works for today’s lifestyles,” said senior designer Jennifer Harkai.

When clients make their design selections, they don’t have to guess what their kitchen will look like by holding a tile the size of a playing card or squinting at a designer’s laptop. A Drees client leaves confident in their decisions.

The showcase rooms are not a slice of life, but ‘life size.’ One kitchen, designed by Jennifer Harkai, has been so popular that several people have nearly duplicated it. The kitchen features a six-foot-long granite-top island, a classic ogee edge detail, and furniture style legs. The traditional charm finds its contrast with a back wall of sharp-dressed cabinetry and darker quartz countertops with a sleek, distinctly modern ‘flat polished’ edge. The hardwood flooring pairs wide and narrow planks, a fresh design option just hitting our market.


Ron Schroeder

“We not only save our clients time, but also take away a lot of the angst in the process.”                 —Ron Schroeder, President, Drees Homes Nashville Division 

How the Drees Homes design system works:

Planning niches and built-in shelving allow clients and designers to quickly pull together custom looks from a large variety of product samples. Each of the samples—regardless of manufacturer, brand, or price point—are quite large and uniform in size. There is a shelf at appropriate counter-top height, and directly above is a narrow ledge for the backsplash sample so clients can easily see exactly how these two materials work together. Flooring, cabinetry, and even faucet packages, can all be arranged for review in a quick, modular fashion.
Choosing an exterior style can be even more daunting than an interior space, given the pressure placed on first impressions of a home, but not here. We were impressed with the variety of exterior finishing options.


Visit the new Drees Homes Design Center:1651 Westgate Circle, Brentwood

“Our clients are typically working with us to custom build what will be their second or even third home,” said Ron Schroeder, President, Drees Homes Nashville Division. “In other words, our clients are pragmatic, but look to our team for fresh design ideas.”

Ron refers to the new design center as a ‘one-stop-shop’ that expedites a dream home while making it easy to navigate style and price-point. “We not only save our clients time, but also take away a lot of the angst in the process.”

The new Drees Homes Design Center in Brentwood is the only one of its kind serving our region. Headquartered in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky,
Drees Homes of Nashville offers several unique residential communities. They also offer the convenience of building a Drees Home on your own lot almost anywhere.

Enjoy this video of the Drees Homes design experience.

Contact information: 
online: dreeshomes.com
talk: 615.371.9759
visit: 1651 Westgate Circle, Brentwood, TN 

Photography by Dave Steinbrunner 


Drees Homes kitchen, by the company’s senior interior designer Jennifer Harkai, is a stunning showcase of possibilities


Drees Homes customers can select their exterior finishes for curb appeal, then step over to view several kitchen and bath settings for inspiration