In many instances, especially here in Nashville where we have hot, humid weather, fiber cement board is replacing wood as a facing material. Fiber cement board is a mixture of 90% cement/sand and 10% wood fiber. Fiber cement boards are much heavier than wood.

Fiber cement boards come in siding, shingles and panels with textures that range from wood, stucco and stone to brick. It is more durable than wood, takes paint extremely well, it is less prone to rot and fungus, and it holds paint longer, requiring less maintenance. Some warranties can be found that are between 30 and 50 years. Because the life of this product is so long, manufacturers usually recommend durable, corrosion-resistant nails.

Fiber cement boards can be used as the main exterior facing, or as details in homes with stone or stucco exteriors. Even if you have a home that is stone, wood is used in places on the exterior and fiber cement board is a good substitute here for wood.