[gdlr_image_link type=”image” image_url=”” link_url=”” alt=”” target=”_blank”]CHATTANOOGA. When food writer Beth Kirby redesigned her kitchen, it caught the attention of Bon Appétit, as well as those of us who follow her exquisite blog: Local Milk. Her photography has been awarded the competitive Saveur Best Food Blog Award.

Photo by Beth Kirby

In a new world of old-world open shelving, Beth Kirby shows us how to display tools, vintage wares and artful dishes to enhance function and form.

Bon Appétit noted Beth Kirby’s kitchen is ‘insanely beautiful.’ We at Nashville Interiors agree. See for yourself in their article and gallery featuring Beth’s photography and kitchen design: “Inside Local Milk Blogger’s Insanely Beautiful Kitchen.” 

Please join me in elevating the ordinary as beautiful, as best illustrated by Beth Kirby’s blog: localmilkblog.com.
Again, we hope you enjoy savoring this kitchen in more detail in Bon Appétit: ‘Inside Local Milk Blogger’s Insanely Beautiful Kitchen.’ 

Catch Beth’s list of top five sources for a working and beautiful kitchen. We were pleased to see Lodge Cast Iron from Tennessee as a top source for this busy cook’s skillets. We are a fan of their new rust-resistant product line too!

beth kirby_biscuits

Beth Kirby’s signature attention to detail


“As much as I cook, I keep it really pared down. I don’t need 20 pots. I just need one. I’d rather wash it than pull another one.” —Beth Kirby, Bon Appétit 

Beth kirby kitchen

‘Local Milk’ food blogger Beth Kirby in the home test kitchen she designed