There are two main considerations with sinks – number of bowls and material.

Double bowl sinks are the most common, but some companies now offer three bowl options. Separate bowls are very accommodating for cleaning while cooking. You can select the bowl sizes based on your personal preferences. A large single bowl is always a better option than a double bowl with two small bowls.

Mounting is also key. Top mounted sinks have a lip over the counter that is difficult to clean. Installation is easier but that’s all that’s easier. Under mounted or flush mounted sinks are much better options for two main reasons: cleaning is easier, and it’s simple to wipe crumbs and other detritus into the sink.

Materials range from metals like stainless steel and copper, to solid surface, to porcelain and even soapstone. With Stainless steel, a heavy gauge (lower number) means a sturdier and quieter sink. Resign yourself to the fact that it will scratch.

Copper sinks have a beautiful, warm tone, but always remember to choose only solid copper as the less expensive alloy can rust. Also, if you hate germs, they can only live on copper for a few hours compared to days for stainless steel and porcelain.

Porcelain sinks usually have a metal or iron core with a porcelain veneer. They have a clean, retro look, but they can chip and stain.

Solid surface sinks are more popular especially now that there are granite-look options. Scratches can be fixed easily and solid surface is stain resistant. Some options like Zodiaq© are also heat resistant.