Two Beloved Nashville Custom Framers Join Forces

By Brianna Melanson

Have you ever been sitting at Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan’s restaurants in downtown Nashville and noticed the photos on the wall? Those were all framed by Belle Meade Framers. Have you seen an impressive photo gallery wall in a Nashville luxury home? Chances are, they were framed at The Beveled Edge. Just recently, Belle Meade Framers and The Beveled Edge have combined into one condensed custom picture frame shop on White Bridge Road. Some big renovations and changes are in the works, but ultimately Belle Meade Framers and The Beveled Edge will continue to be doing what they’ve done best for the last 45 years and 36 years respectively.

Long ago, they were all one company, Belle Meade Framers, on Kenner Avenue. Now, Owner Susan Taylor has sold The Beveled Edge back to Kevin and Joanna Dransfield, the owners of Belle Meade Framers. It made sense to come together with their excellent reputations and volume of clients. Though their logo now has both names, the store will later simply be known as Belle Meade Framers. The transition of merging of the two businesses began in March when Belle Meade Framers closed their old location and moved into The Beveled Edge. All of the staff from both businesses are still on board, so clients are able to work with their prefered designer.

Evin, son of Kevin and Joanna, says, “We’re passionate about running it and making it a success and our employees recognize that which makes the whole company operate sort of as a little family.”

Evin began working at the Belle Meade Framers when he was 12, took a break to get his degree and pursue other work, but came back to the business in 2014. He works side-by-side with his mother every day while his father and sister work at the warehouse. They may squabble from time to time, but he couldn’t imagine not working with his parents. He expressed how excited his family is about this collaboration.

In terms of renovations, the shopping experience at the Beveled Edge location is going to be even brighter. They’ve installed new lighting and a sound system as well as updated the ceiling and floors. Since they love working with local artists, they’re making a designated area to feature and sell some of their work.

In addition to their extensive collection of quality frames, the store offers acrylic boxes and shadow boxes, though they no longer do installations. All of their materials are acid-free and their standard glass is conservation glass which prevents photographs from fading.

Belle Meade Framers and The Beveled Edge have done a lot of custom framing to embellish the walls in popular Nashville destinations, like the Ryman Auditorium for their sold-out show prints. Their motto is “if it doesn’t move, we’ll frame it.” They’ll frame your memorable or historic uniforms and your Preds jerseys and favorite albums. They’ve even framed a tapestry as big as 12’ x 14’ that was built and assembled at the client’s location. There’s no request that’s too outrageous; they’ve seen it all.

“Preservation is something that’s very important to us,” says Evin. “We want to figure out a way to display the artwork in the best, most suitable, most aesthetic way possible while also keeping the integrity of the piece and making sure that it’s going to last for generations to come.”

The Beveled Edge
73 White Bridge Road, 615-356-7784