Leverick Homes Works to Create a legacy of longevity

By Hollie Deese
Photography by Allison Elefante

The list of respected builders in Middle Tennessee, the ones who get referrals from former clients who can’t sing their praises enough, is not an easy one to get on. After all it takes years to become a Barlow, a Castle, or a Legend. But the right drive, design acumen and desire to serve the community in business and builds will help get you there.

It’s that mindset, and respect for the legacy of quality work that has already been done in Middle Tennessee, that Ali Daher, Jeremiah Pierce and Josh Pierce bring to the work they do for their company Leverick Homes. But making sure their quality in construction has not wavered amid Nashville’s unprecedented building boom is only one way they set themselves apart.

“This is my hometown,” says Jeremiah, a Ridgetop native. “So building and renovating houses is about more than making money. I wanted this company to be based on quality because this is somebody’s home. This is where they have birthdays, celebrate holidays, laugh and cry with their family. And for most Americans, it’s the largest tangible asset they are ever going to have. So how do we build a house better? How do we build a house smarter?”

After getting his law degree, Jeremiah became an appraiser in 2003. He bought his first flip in Cleveland, Tennessee, a basic new construction home he went in and upgraded with crown molding, hardwood and other designer details. Then he did a few more. In 2008 he added Realtor to his bag of experience.

“I really learned a lot about process,” he says.

Jeremiah connected with Daher after he moved from Michigan in 2000 to work with his brother on a home construction job. After 10 years Daher went out on his own and founded Wolverine Construction. His electrician connected them, and they began working together on a flip in 2011. In 2019, they restructured things, paring the team down to Pierce, his brother Josh and Daher. Together, they all agree that spending money on quality designer finishes — more than might seem fiscally responsible — will bring higher sales along with a solid reputation. They are proud to work with designers like Aimee Lee Kinssies and Loree Beth Harris to deliver the most beautiful home when it hits the market.

“Since the day we met, we’ve been spending way more than other people and taking the time to really do a quality job and overdeliver for an area,” Daher says. “But it is what I would enjoy if I lived there. We are coming at this from the right place.”

And while the hope is whoever buys one of their homes will love it for a lifetime, they hope when the time does come to sell that the fact that it is a Leverick Home will be its own selling point.

“We want to be different,” Jeremiah says. “We don’t want to be business as usual. We consider Leverick to be an outlier. We want to be disruptors. But it takes a lifetime to gain a reputation and one second to lose it.”