Conrad Tengler pendant chandelier commissioned by Revival

CHATTANOOGA. The demand for custom home fixtures has interior designers and architects partnering with artisans to enhance a home’s style. 

Revival, one of Tennessee’s premiere design studios and furnishings shop, has been working with builder blacksmith Conrad Tengler and his design studio, Black Sheep Forge, for more than ten years. 

One of Conrad Tengler’s specialties includes iron-work chandliers, such as the one pictured, that accents the Tudor home and grand staircase.

He also builds custom shelving, fireplace mantels and surrounds, sink pedastals, kitchen racks for hanging cookware, stairway ballisters, and sconces of all types. He has also takes commissions for exterior gates, trellises, fencing, lighting and artful embellishments.

The artist brings a sculptor’s attention to detail and form, with a decade of experience in ensuring function and ease of installation. Conrad can work from a client’s design sketch, or offer a design solution. 

Conrad Tengler design. Fireplace tool ensemble

Visit Conrad Tengler’s maker space in this Nashville Interiors feature with images from award-winning photographer Billy Weeks: Making Sparks Fly: Conrad Tengler’s Studio.

Conrad is a member of the Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths (AACB).

To commission a design element, contact Conrad Tenger at Black Sheep Forge,; 509-637-0736.

Custom shower door and mirror by Conrad Tengler

Inspired by an Italian design, Conrad Tengler created this metal stairwell design to be both stunning in form, and completely up to code.

Conrad Tengler chandelier design collaboration with Revival (

Exterior gate design by Conrad Tengler offers a modern style that is clearly a custom, artisan design.

Sconce lighting design and build by Conrad Tengler