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1311, 2017

Trend: Outdoor String Lights

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Sometimes all you need is a little twinkle to make the evenings outside special, and there’s nothing that delivers better than some simple string lights. From Edison bulbs to mini Mason jars, light up the night with some subtle sparkle.   The Aurora Copper String Lights are battery operated, making the delicate wire lights easy to

1311, 2017

Trend: Freestanding Bathtubs

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Stansell Dye, area showroom manager for the Mid-South for Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery, says today’s bathroom design is all about making an oasis where homeowners can escape to after a day full of reality. “Today’s master bathrooms have transformed into a getaway for busy homeowners, a visit to the spa within the confines of your own home,” Dye

711, 2017

Reinventing the Past

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Train rails get new life as custom furniture creations Photography by Reeves Smith Robert Hendrick is a serial tech entrepreneur. He just can’t help having a hand in the early stages of making a company a success, then moving on to the next promising venture. And the Nashville native and Montgomery Bell Academy grad has some impressive credits on

311, 2017

Hidden Treasures

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Boutique neighborhoods offer privacy in prime locations Story by Hollie Deese Photography by Peyton Hoge and Sam Carbine A large, private lot in one of Middle Tennessee’s hottest neighborhoods may sound too good to be true, but a new trend in home building offers just that to hungry homebuyers holding out for a near impossibility these days. Boutique neighborhoods are

2610, 2017

Fall’s Finest Things

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A SWITCH IN THE SEASONS MEANS THE CHANGE TO DO SOME SHOPPING. THESE ARE A FEW THINGS WE HAVE ADDED TO OUR MUST-GET LIST. The company’s flagship product, Rebel Green Fruit and Veggie Clean ($6.99), is made with natural ingredients including grapefruit seed extract and organic extracts of lemon and lime.  It’s Kosher free and

2804, 2017

Positive Space: Design Solutions from Painter Ali Kay

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A garden mural in Pompeii was the inspiration for this architecturally challenging barrel vault and groin ceiling in the private residence of Winnie and Edwin Sy. Ali Kay chose a distinct warm gold color palette for this ceiling that was recognized as Best Wall Treatment by the Texas Gulf Coast ASID. CHATTANOOGA. We’ve noticed a delightful trend that has

2304, 2017

Designer Spotlight: Marcelle Guilbeau

By |April 23rd, 2017|Categories: Blog, Interior Design & Storage, Interiors, People, Tips & Trends|

NASHVILLE. Enjoy this conversation with Nashville-based interior designer and author Marcelle Guilbeau in her recent interview on Million Dollar Decorating (Episode 417) with award-winning designer and author James Swann. From the podcast: "I grew up in Louisiana and beautiful interior design is everywhere in that world—and beautiful living. I remember begging to go and visit New Orleans and studying the incredible hotels and restaurants that took

703, 2017

Expertise: Bob Wright’s Art Installations

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[gdlr_image_link type="image" image_url="" link_url="" alt="" target="_blank"]Put down the hammer. Call an expert. Call Bob.  Bob Wright portrait by Billy Weeks for Nashville Interiors. A painting by Nashville artist Ed Nash is in the background. Chattanooga. When Songbirds was ready to hang more than one hundred guitars on the wall in anticipation of the grand opening, they called Bob.

501, 2017

Design Challenge: A Gallery-like Expanse of Wall

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A fine art commission is a meaningful holiday gift. CHATTANOOGA. Interior designer Cirsten Weldon completed the main living and dining rooms for her client in Collegedale, but faced one major design challenge that required a custom, imaginative solution.   Design team:  Interiors, Cirsten Weldon, Eurasian Designs Artist, Alex Loza Suárez, Loza Studio and Atelier   THE DESIGN CHALLENGE:

212, 2016

Wallpaper: Living with Texture and Pattern

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We asked two designers to share rooms they’ve wrapped in paper—and we were not talking a mere accent wall, stairwell, or tucked away powder room. Paper, not paint, transformed the two large spaces into rooms that balance their vitality with an invitation to kick back and relax. Both designers defied the stereotypes of wallflowers to bring pattern and pulse to