At Becky Rose Design, interior design isn’t just about properties — it’s about people

By Olivia McClureTricia
Photography by Tricia Shay

For Becky Rose Grinwald, interior design is as much about her clients as it is about calculating measurements and choosing patterns.

Grinwald grew up in a house her parents built in a small town in farm-country Wisconsin. She describes her family as having been “extremely handy,” and she recalls often gathering around the television to watch renovation shows, such as This Old House.

Unsurprisingly, Grinwald knew she wanted to pursue interior design from a young age. After graduating from a technical college, Grinwald snagged her first designer role at Milwaukee’s Peabody’s Interiors, where she worked for 9 years.

Seeking change within her career, Grinwald decided to make the move to Nashville, where she established her personal business, Becky Rose Design. Within the 9 months that Grinwald has lived here, she has worked on a variety of residential and commercial properties throughout Nashville and Franklin, all of which are a testament to her love for a diverse array of styles.

“I really love a mix of everything,” Grinwald says. “I think that is why I am able to embody and work very well my range of client preferences.”

While Grinwald says she is proud of many projects she’s done, there is one residential property that she’s currently working on, which has been a particularly fun, versatile experience and was inspired by her visit to West Hollywood’s La Cienega Design Quarter.

“They love traditional English styling infused with fresh pops,” Grinwald says. “In their dining room, we installed menswear fabric wallpaper, with a tape trim and spaced nail head around all the millwork. The tape and nail carry across the heavy William Morris fabric Window treatment panels. The ceiling is painted a rich medium English blue, with a platinum metallic spatter effect.”

While Grinwald has taken on a wide variety of projects, most of her clients have one thing in common — they have grand ideas but lack the time, energy and resources to put them into action.

“Some people say, I just really don’t know where to start, I don’t have time and energy for this, [and] I need some help,” Grinwald says. “It’s not just about the details they need, but about them themselves.”

In Grinwald’s mind, no space she works on is the same, just like her clients — which is why every property she designs carries its own unique story.

“I love creating spaces that are curated — they make sense, are approachable, evoke emotion, and reflect a story that is not a themed definition,” Grinwald says. “It is incredibly rewarding to come back after an installation and see my clients thriving, with genuine, reactive joy and comfort, in the spaces that I created for them.”

See Becky Rose Grinwald this weekend at The Nashville Home Show.