At Blakrock Interiors, Christine Plante combines her loves for fashion and interior design

By Olivia McClure

Before recently entering Nashville’s interior design scene, Christine Plante was a leading voice in the world of fashion.

Plante began her career as a Fashion Editor at Town and Country Magazine, during which time she traveled to the world’s most famous fashion capitals. While working on fashion shows in London, Paris and Milan, she became well-acquainted with a fellow Fashion Editor named Barbara Landy.

Once Plante started a family of her own, she began working for the French fabric company  Nobilis.

“That was kind of my foray into appreciating beautiful fabrics, beautiful wall coverings,” Plante says. “That kind of opened up that world for me.”

After working at Nobilis for ten years, Plante and Landy decided to embark on a joint career venture, which would allow them to pursue their mutual love for interior design.

“The two of us did this 4,000-square-foot house in New Jersey, like horse country New Jersey,” Plante says. “At that point … We both quit our jobs, and we decided to open up Landy Plante Interiors.”

Plante and Landy ran their business for 16 years, during which time Plante’s children all grew up. Plante and her husband, Chuck, sold their house and lived somewhat like nomads for several years — first moving to Charleston, South Carolina, then to North Carolina and, finally, Nashville.

Once here, Plante partnered with Chris Veal at Whitestone Design and Build, who was seeking an interior designer to join his construction business. Consequently, Plante established Blakrock Interiors, where she works for Veal and other construction clients.

Plante’s business caters to homes throughout Franklin and Nashville. Recently, Plante worked on a historic home in downtown Franklin, retaining its original façade while implementing a completely updated, modern interior.

Having lived in the Northeast for most of her life, Plante says she has naturally adopted a traditional design style native to the East Coast.

“I’m not necessarily nautical, but I would say I’m based in a traditional aesthetic with a nod towards contemporary,” Plante says.

Nevertheless, Plante doesn’t want her personal style to determine her clients’ design decisions. She says that her goal as a designer is to fulfill her clients’ visions based on their personal tastes.

“I want to see what you like, and from that, I will develop a mock for your home, your apartment, your beach house, whatever it is,” Plante says.

In doing so, Plante ensures that each of her clients gets their dream home — one uniquely tailored to their life.

“I need to do something that reflects you and your home and your family and the way you live,” Plante says. “At the end of the day, I’m going to give you what you want and make sure it looks spectacular.”