Bathrooms are becoming one of the most sophisticated rooms in our homes. They are not merely a meagher spa and their design is not as simple as the 1990s glamour bath with the latest tile trends. Bathrooms today are not just plumbed, but wired, according to Stansell Dye, showroom manager for Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery in Nashville.

Roburn_medicine cabinet with built-in tv_aab24217One of the hottest upgrades people want is in the shower. Kohler makes a DTV prompt customized for a shower that allows you to set the preferred temperature and have the system verbally state when the temperature is perfect. “You will never have to step one toe in water that is anything other than your desired setting of 102-degrees, or whatever your magic number is,” says Dye. “And with the multiple-user presets, everyone can have their own special setting.” From temperature and spray intensity, to the precise angle of water delivery, the Kohler prompt allows homeowners to control the shower system with an easy-to-use, menu. There’s even a steam-only option for those who love a sauna experience.

Beyond this, there’s now an upgraded level, the ‘DTV II’ that allows for a multi-sensory experience with rejuvenating steam, music from your own playlist, and soothing lights that move and change colors during your shower.

Oh, there’s more says, Dye. “Kohler even makes a Moxie speaker, which is just a showerhead that anyone can put in their existing shower, with Bluetooth capability.” That’s a really nice and more affordable option.

As much as people love their tricked-out showers, relaxing in the bath for some is a wellness program. Dye says that more than fifty percent of his customers opt for a sleek, freestanding soaking tub. “The new tubs offer a clean look without the need for ‘deck space,’ says Dye. And because the new tubs run slightly smaller than the old built-in varieties, they do not take as long to fill up and waste less water. Whether the tub has a slight pedestal or offers the vintage look of the old cast-iron clawfoot tubs from an earlier century, tubs make a house a home. And Dye points out that even a claw foot tub can be geeked-out with its own DTV prompt. “Set the temperature and water level and leave the rest to the DTV system,” says Dye. You can just set the prompt, walk away, and come back to find it ready for you.”

Kohler’s streamlined Numi toilet could be considered one of the first ‘smart’ toilets. It features a  motion-activated cover, heated seat, an integrated air dryer and deodorizer, music, and even a foot warmer. “The seat will lift when you walk up to it, and there is a docking station for your iPod,” Dye says. The price may more than $6,000, but Dye says they are selling well, even more so than other high tech-options such as cooling medicine cabinets and hands-free faucets. “People still like the look of a traditional faucet,” adds Dye.