Recently, Hot Spring Spas of Music City introduced a hot tub accessory designed to control water temperature. The CoolZone™ system allows owners to decrease spa water temperature during the hottest part of the day, then with incredible speed, warm the spa back up right as the sun goes down. This feature is particularly ideal during one of Nashville’s 90-degree days. Enjoy a cool dip during the day and a warm soak of tired muscles in the evening. This is a particularly nice option for those with water temperature sensitivities such as families with young children or elderly relatives who may need to avoid extreme temperatures. Athletes needing a cold water therapy will love this option too, says Megan Griffith with Hot Spring Spas.

AceWomanwDiamondswithLogo_1x1Here’s how CoolZone™ works: “The new system lets you bring your hot tub down to 60 degrees, then up to 104 degrees in as little as two hours. It allows the spa to quickly cool, and can cut the time it takes to heat back up in half. It is basically an HVAC system for your hot tub.”

Families with small children will love the increased value they can get when the once off-limits hot tub can quickly be transformed into a backyard pool. “It is really a win-win,” says Megan.