If someone tells you that it’s better to live in your home for a while then make improvements to the lighting when you see how you’re going to live in the home, don’t believe them. They just cost you a lot of money. 

It always costs more to change something than to do it right the first time. The most economical time to get your lighting complete and correct is during construction. Most construction plans will have a basic lighting package drawn in. This is when you need a lighting expert to make the design decisions that will allow you to get the most out of your home’s lighting.
Most people know basically where their furniture is going to go and basically what they’re going to be doing in each room. With that information, you can have a plan that gives you the right amount of light everywhere you need it. This is especially important in multi-purpose rooms so that each area has the lighting options that it needs.
And it’s not just about lighting, it’s also about electrical outlets. It’s important to know how many electrical devices are going to be used in which rooms. For example, often two bathrooms will be wired on the same breaker. If two people are using two hairdryers in separate bathrooms, you’ll trip the breaker. A good electrical outlet design will put bathrooms on their own breakers so that you never have this limitation.
So much disappointment and so much money can be saved by hiring a lighting specialist when you’re in the planning phase. Remember, it always costs less to do it right the first time.