[gdlr_image_link type=”image” image_url=”” link_url=”” alt=”” target=”_blank”]GDANSK, POLAND. ‘Loving Vincent’ is the first fully painted feature film in the world and tells the story of Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch painter who rivals Rembrandt in fame.

loving vincent

Film crew working in painting-animation

‘Loving Vincent’ has demanded vision and commitment. Each of the film’s 62,450 frames is an oil painting on canvas, using the same technique as van Gogh. A team of 85 painters have participated in this ambitious and mindful project, each committing to re-training as a painting-animator for the film.

The film is directed by Polish painter and director Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman. The project is being completed at the seaside city of Gdansk, Poland and is funded by the Polish Film Institute.

Watch the trailer for ‘Loving Vincent,’ produced by Oscar-winning studios Breakthru Films and Trademark Films HERE.

self portrait vincent van gogh

Self-portrait, Vincent van Gogh


During his life, Vincent van Gogh worked in poverty and poor health and their companion, obscurity, as a post-impressionist painter. He was highly influenced by Japanese woodblock painters and easter philosophy and dreamed of traveling to Japan, but took a train instead from the Netherlands to Arles in the south of France in search of a certain quality of light in which to work. During this time, in his early 30s, he would produce his most famous works, ‘Sunflowers,’ ‘Starry Night,’ ‘Café Terrace on the Place du Forum,’ and ‘The Night Café.’ Known for their vibrant colors and emotions, van Gogh’s paintings highly influenced 20th century art and continue to prove worthy of study. He died at age 37, never knowing the fame that would soon elevate his work worldwide.


‘Irises’ oil on paper