Old keepsakes make new memories

By Hollie Deese
Photography by Pamela Monaghan

Though many people look forward to Christmas as a way to deck the halls in a new winter theme each year, others can’t wait to pull out the same ornaments they hung on the tree as a kid, soaking in every last holiday memory.

Originally from Macon County, Tiffany Dyer Brown opened her shop, Daisy-A-Day Vintage, on the Gallatin Square three years ago after years working markets and antique booths. Christmas decorations have always been a big part of what she has carried, and in recent years vintage items have experienced a big resurgence.

“I love Christmas,” Brown says. “I grew up with Christmas being a really big holiday, lots of memories and family time and that one time a year you see your cousin from wherever.”

When she gets Vintage Christmas items in stock, they are out the door almost immediately, as people look for holiday items all year long. The reason is simple — feel-good nostalgia.

“It’s fun to see people come in and see something they were hoping to have,” Brown says. “There’s always so many wonderful stories with everything like that, too, like their Grandma had one like it, or maybe their aunt they used to visit for the holidays.”

And while there is a market for everything, there are a few items they just can’t keep in stock.

Ceramic Christmas Trees

All over social media last year were ceramic Christmas trees, and while there are many new factory-made recreations on the market, Brown says the original ones are so hard to come by because they were all handmade, possibly by your own grandma in a ceramics class on an easy-to-chip white ceramic.

“They don’t hold up that well, so a lot of them would get chipped or broken and they would get thrown away over the years,” she says.

Blow Mold Yard Characters

Brown says the return in popularity of these lightweight yard decorations has been growing for years, so it is easy to find new ones now, though those mostly are made in China.

“They are using some of the old designs, but the originals are all made in America, at an American company,” she says.

Tinsel Trees

Very rarely does Brown get these retro futuristic trees, and she is always scouring yard sales, auctions and estate sales. So far she will have three for sale this year, but she recommends people check their grandmothers’ attics to see if they can find one of their own.

Anything Santa
It doesn’t matter if it is a tabletop item or large figure, Brown says they can’t keep anything Santa in stock.

Vintage Ornaments
From handmade treasures to 1950s-era glass ball ornaments from the Shiny Brite company (the name will be stamped at the top), people collect any and all old ornaments.

“Don’t be afraid to unpack those things that bring back memories,” she says. “Those are good memories. Don’t let it make you sad.”

Visit A Daisy A Day at 122 N. Water St. during Gallatin’s 47th Annual Tinsel and Treasures holiday shopping event, scheduled for Nov. 9-10, 2019.